Wave – Against Every Beat! Immerse yourself in an intense shooter where the beats and rhythm of your own music create the enemies and action around you.


“Wave is the perfect tribute to old skool shooters: it boasts addictive gameplay, sterling presentation and is as tough as old boots” – PocketGamer.co.uk

“Wave: Against Every Beat is a great concept. Being able to play a bullet hell shooter that reacts to the music you play alongside it conjures up infinite possibilities” – 148apps.com

“Wave: Against Every Beat! is another original concept based on old games and concepts, bringing a new freshness to them. Music lovers will surely appreciate this one, and for arcade shooter fans it is definitely worth checking out.” – AppAdvice.com

“Bright, visceral visuals; more lasers than you can shake a bag of Sci-Fi shows at. Fun bonus-mode mechanic; rewards players by breaking up the gameplay with something different.” – AppSpy.com

“Addictive, polished shoot-em-up set up. Striking visuals. Brilliantly inventive bonus levels” – Gamezebo.com

“Fever, Drive, and Sudden Death modes add cool twists to the gameplay” – SlideToPlay.com

“A space shooter that is so much more intense than its forefathers that it feels like an entirely different game.” – appolicious.com


  • Levels and enemies are generated by musical beats. Feel the music, fight the enemies!
  • Packed with techno tunes to drive the action!
  • Original gameplay with awesome boss battles, unique levels and three awesome game modes that provide hours of action:

ARCADE: Play through various missions to be accomplished.

SURVIVAL: Music attacks you endlessly, prove your skill by completing as many objectives as possible.

FREE PLAY: Play with your own music!

  • Many types of enemies, including some that adapt to your playing style
  • High-quality graphics!
  • Open Feint is fully supported.

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