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Energy purchase sector in Ukraine

It should be understood that it is the sector of buying and selling energy resources that can be considered one of the most interesting and promising. However, the word promising here is not suitable enough, because in fact, it is energy resources that should be considered the most interesting and popular for a long time. …


Call of Duty: Mobile Review

The Call of Duty franchise is no stranger to mobile gaming, but the succinctly titled Call of Duty: Mobile is different. While I’ve already fought Call of Duty zombies on a phone and even used a Nintendo DS stylus to aim down sights (I don’t recommend it) in unambitious games designed for the limitations of their platforms, …


Dota Đại Chiến

In the world, there are some DotA-style games already on smartphones such as Legendary Heroes, Heroes of Order & Chaos … However, this is the first time in Vietnam this fascinating genre has appeared on mobile. For gamers who love the MOBA genre but are always crazy because of lack of time, the appearance of …