Control of employees’ work is an effective way to identify strengths and weaknesses of the staff. It is an important part of company management, especially if most of your employees work at the computer. After all, in such conditions, it is very easy for them to fake a stormy activity. Without control, you won’t know how your tasks are performed or whether they are being performed at all.

What can you do when you control your employees?

  1. Identify unscrupulous employees. You can easily determine who and how they relate to the performance of their duties. You’ll find out what employees actually do during work hours, what web resources they visit, and how often they leave the workplace for snacks, personal phone calls or chatting with colleagues.
  2. Discipline your staff. With control, you can easily see how often employees breach discipline and start work late or finish early.
  3. Determine lost work time. By knowing how much time your employees actually work, you can determine how much time is wasted and prevent losses that the company suffers.

Control of employees’ work: how to organize it?

You should approach the control of employees’ work with all responsibility. Especially when it concerns office staff, most of whose work goes behind the computer. Especially for the control of such employees was created a system of working time accounting online timesheet software. It is installed on computers and collects information:

  • when employees start and finish work;
  • which resources (sites, programs, applications) are used and to what extent these resources are necessary for work;
  • how often and for what reasons they are absent from their workstations.

Are you sure this is not about your employees? Expand your doubts, control your employees’ working hours. The automatic time tracking system allows you to control the work of your staff and timely detect violations at your workplace. Get a full picture of your employees’ working day and be sure that your goals will be achieved!

Save the company money

With special software you will learn how much time employees spend on solving work tasks and how much they waste. Social networks, entertainment sites, telephone conversations and snacks are unfortunately an inseparable part of the staff working day. Look at how many hours your employees use unproductively. Now calculate how much it costs your company. Imagine how much money you lose in this way every month! Identify and control time absorbers with the software, direct the work of your employees in the right direction.

Improve discipline

Are there any suspicions that some employees work less than what they should? Expand your doubts. Estimate the number and regularity of deficiencies. Take control of delays, extended lunches and early departures. Special software will show you exactly what time each employee starts work and what time they leave home. Identify violations in a timely manner, take appropriate action and increase discipline within the company. Doing so is easier than you might think. See for yourself!

Supervise remote offices and representative offices

Are there offices and branches all over the country, and even abroad? Do you give part of your work to freelance? Control remote employees as if you were in a nearby office. Start/end of the day, resources used and their productivity – all online on your monitor screen. State-of-the-art monitoring software will help keep your staff productive regardless of distance, work schedule or responsibilities. USe these tips to get the best results.

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