Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is another, after Counter-Strike: Source, attempt to refresh the popular shooter that started as a modification of Half-Life. And as the five years that have passed since the release, this attempt was very successful. In Counter-Strike games, terrorists and special forces confront each other, receiving a cash reward for each killed enemy to purchase new guns, grenades, and armor in the next round. In CS: GO list of available weapons has been expanded and improved.

Basic seven maps in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive represent redrawn classic levels like Aztec, Nuke, Inferno, Italy, Office or the legendary Dust2. All of them have grown in detail, but are recognizable at a glance. And what is interesting – the appearance of fighters depends on their weather conditions. So on snowy maps special forces and terrorists run in winter jackets, and on hot Dust2 in lighter clothes. But the main innovation in CS: GO are the skins for the weapons, on which you can even earn real money. There is not a lot of information on the Internet about how it all works, but we still tried to collect all that is known, especially for you. You can learn more about skins here

What are skins, and where to get them?

Skins are a unique coloring of a weapon. In 2013, in one of the updates introduced cases with skins. Cases are awarded for successful games in the Global Offensive, but to open them you need the keys, which can be bought in the in-game store. What kind of skin will fall out – it is unknown. Another way – buying used skins in the game itself or in one of the third-party stores.

What do skins give to their owner?

Standard coloring of guns, pistols and knives is boring. And the skin’s weapon looks more elegant. In theory, it gives only a cosmetic effect, but sometimes there are camouflage paintings, which can theoretically make the player a little less noticeable on some maps. And also there are skins, which have a built-in kill counter (after the sale is reset).

Is it true that a purchased skin gradually wears off?

Skins wear down as they are used in matches, but will not completely disappear from the weapon (they will become barely noticeable). The degree of wear seriously affects the price to sell on the secondary market. True, some players even like a slightly worn coloring – it gives authenticity.

Why are some skins priced higher than others?

Almost all of the skins that fall out of the cases are the result of the creativity of players who know how to work with graphics. Before they get into the game, they go through a special selection that determines the level of quality. The higher the score, the rarer the candidate will fall into the rare category (and therefore it can be sold for more money).

How to make money on skins?

The four main ways: selling dropped skins, reselling or exchange, and creating your own. If the player dropped out a rare or unnecessary custom coloring, he can put it up for auction in the game or on one of the third-party stores. In the first case, the money from the sale will remain in the Steam wallet, and in the second case it can be withdrawn to the bank card (this is completely legal).

At resale, the player will have to follow the price movements in the market and buy up favorable offers to wait for the increased demand and remain in the black. And at the exchange, you can get rid of a bunch of “cheap” items, replacing them with something single, but valuable. That is, reselling skins in the latest Counter-Strike is a kind of stock exchange game, and exchange of skins – a kind of trading. If you want to buy quality modern skins, you should visit Here you will find many different variants.

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