In the world, there are some DotA-style games already on smartphones such as Legendary Heroes, Heroes of Order & Chaos … However, this is the first time in Vietnam this fascinating genre has appeared on mobile. For gamers who love the MOBA genre but are always crazy because of lack of time, the appearance of DotA Dai Chien will become a great solution in their free time.

It is possible that with DotA Dai Chien, gamers will experience the top-notch confrontation anytime, anywhere. However, it is a pity that both the teaser and clip ingame have not revealed anything about the gameplay of DotA Dai Chien. This is really what gamers are most interested in today for this new game.

DotA storm has officially spread to the smartphone community. Facing the attraction of MOBA genre, it is likely that Dai Chien DotA will be the “key” of Vietnamese smartphone game market in 2013.

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