With the development of the online gambling industry, the appearance of new software developers and hundreds of monthly releases from them was inevitable. While some of them gain no traction, others continue to improve on their software and grow the client base. It is logical to assume that their particular aspects lie in the core of picking services for providing them on the website. Read on to get a hand of the most important features of the gambling software.

Technical aspects of the casino software

Choosing releases for slot games integration requires consideration of multiple characteristics. Good thing is that products from one developer usually follow the same pattern and technical concept. A good casino game to feature on the website includes the following traits:

  • SHA-3 Hash. Fairness of the game depends directly on its developer; the casino itself technically does not determine how the slot will work. The SHA-3 hash algorithm makes sure that the predetermined RNG of the game stays unchanged and functions as intended.
  • Favorable balance between casino’s edge and player’s chances to win. Technical aspects like return to player rate (RTP), hit rate and volatility have to be adjusted in a way that platform has a slight advantage over the punter, but the winning chances still remain decent. Preferable level for RTP and Hit rate is around 95% and 20-40% respectively.
  • Visual appeal of the release. With broad selection, players have become more picky to the games they choose. Top-notch graphics and animations with pleasant themes of the release are the crucial factors for slot games integration. This is why slots from Mascot Gaming can be found in over 500 online casinos.
  • Certificates from reputable auditors. Independent agencies like eCOGRA check if the games are truly random and fair towards the players. If the release has any issues at all, the auditor will point them out; it can also affect the process of obtaining the desired certificate.

What is RNG and why is it so important?

Random number generator is an algorithm that decides the outcome of every spin/round of the casino game. Using its software in modern online casinos replicates the traditional slots in land-based facilities. However, while the first fruit machines were truly random, the current RNG algorithms are more complex. The casino has to make sure that its services will bring profits, so the randomness of the games has to be limited. This is where mentioned auditors come into play; they prove that the slots from any given provider does not give the house (casino) too big of an upper hand over the punter.


Just like gamblers try to find that one game, online casinos put effort into the slot games integration process to provide the best services on their websites. Multiple factors come into consideration when the platform picks the software to offer to its clients.

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