Many believe that the services of an independent developer will cost less than working with the agency. If you work with a highly qualified professional, his services may cost you several times more. To make it easy and fast to find a developer, try to follow a few simple rules. After all, with the help of experienced developers you can easily add unity multiplayer solutions and other solutions that will be important for the success of your application.

  1. Choose a programmer based on his or her area of specialization. For example, for arcade games, look for those who already have 2-3 arcades behind them. Never choose a programmer who doesn’t have projects that he or she is ready to show you.
  2. Look for programmers in different regions, many do not realize that the most talented programmers live outside the big cities. But do not contact their foreign colleagues – even when writing code it is very important to know the language in which the game will be released and understand how it changes and is used in the game.
  3. The amount of work is usually calculated in working hours. Keeping this in mind, make a work plan with the developer, with clearly defined deadlines, to follow the work process at each stage.
  4. Talk to the programmer about any force majeure circumstances that may affect the timing of the work, clearly define the time and conditions for testing the game, making corrections and working with the bug tracker.
  5. It is best that the performer will not be distracted by other projects and will only be busy developing your game. Sometimes you have to pay extra for this, but it’s important, especially if the deadlines are extremely limited.
  6. If in doubt, ask for recommendations from past customers – take their contact details and contact them yourself.

Where can I find developers?

Many people start their search from the sites of freelance employees. It will be more effective to study forums and sites where the developers of games and applications communicate. Sometimes good developers can be found by looking through ready-made applications and games in catalogs – often there is contact information directly from the authors of applications. Working with agencies engaged in game development is a guaranteed compliance with deadlines, the ability to make quick corrections and a more convenient system of calculations.

Regardless of who you work with, always conclude a contract concerning copyright, information protection, project deadlines and price of amendments (in most cases these are common bugs, which are visible in the first weeks of game testing). In addition, many companies register their own developer accounts in application directories to track statistics and maintain their own pricing and marketing policy (for example, to create special promotional codes).

Promotion of the game

During the promotion of the game should actively work with social networks, which also means advertising in communities, news feeds and other thematic applications. Many work with alternative stores of Android applications, where the competition is less, but a higher chance to be seen. By the way, the labor-intensive work on the promotion of the game is usually in the list of services of agencies that are engaged in the development of games.

So if you have an idea to develop unity hyper casual games, it makes sense to immediately start looking for specialists who can solve this problem. Now there are many different specialists, so you should prepare yourself for the need to choose someone specific from among them. If everything is done correctly, then you will have the opportunity to get a great application just in time and at an affordable price.

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